State Takes In Nearly A Billion Dollars in Taxes in April

The state coffers filled more quickly than estimated again last month.

Kansas saw a 10.2% growth over the estimated total tax receipts, with $982.4 million in total tax collections during the month of April.

Retail sales tax collections were $236.5 million; a 9.5% growth from the estimate.

Compensating use tax collections were $59.2 million; up 29.0% for the month.

In addition to changing consumer purchasing patterns, another contributing factor to the increase in compensating use tax collections is the fact that more out-of-state businesses are registering with the state to collect and remit taxes.

Individual income tax collections are 5.8% more than estimated, with $487.3 million collected.

Corporate income tax collections were $152.8 million – a 23.9% growth from the estimate.