State To Allow Night Coyote Hunting

Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commissioners have passed a regulation change that will allow hunters to use artificial light and thermal-imaging equipment when hunting coyotes at night starting next year.

The vote on the new regulation was 5-2.

Once the regulation is implemented, interested hunters must purchase a Night Vision Equipment Permit for $2.50.

This will allow them to use artificial light, scopes, and equipment that amplify visible light, and thermal-imaging scopes and thermal-imaging equipment, when hunting coyotes at night.

There are restrictions that come with the permit.

  • The equipment use will only be allowed next year from January 1st through March 31st.
  • It allows the night hunting of coyotes only.
  • The hunter cannot use a vehicle when hunting.
  • And the hunter cannot use the night-hunting equipment on department lands.