A candidate for United States Senate called the tweet by one of his former colleagues encouraging him to drop out cowardly. State Senator Gene Suellentrop tweeted Friday morning, “Jake LaTurner needs to drop the race for Senate. Jake needs to be at home, helping to raise his young children, reading to them before bedtime, helping to coach their sporting activities. It’s not your time Jake!”

LaTurner, now serving as State Treasurer, questioned why Suellentrop would make such a comment publicly.

“Senator Suellentrop has my cell phone number,” said LaTurner Monday. “He could have picked up the phone and
called me and shared his point of view with me personally. Instead, he acted very cowardly, took to social media and
shared his opinion with the world.”

Suellentrop, who has been a staunch conservative Republican in his service in the Kansas legislature, doesn’t have much difference ideologically from LaTurner as a practical matter.

“I’m not sure of his motivation,” said LaTurner. “I was very offended. My wife was offended. This campaign should be
about issues. You shouldn’t talk about people’s families. It’s uncalled for and unacceptable.”

Suellentrop doesn’t appear to be walking his comments back at all judging by the tone of a Sunday tweet where he welcomed all his new Twitter followers, saying, “Good morning, Happy Sunday everyone. I want to welcome all the new followers!! LOL”

LaTurner’s campaign sent out a release Friday praising his fundraising of over $300,000 in the first quarter of 2019.

A tweet from the Kansas City Star’s Bryan Lowry comparing that number to fundraising for First District Congressman Roger Marshall, a presumed primary opponent for the seat held by Pat Roberts, prompted Suellentrop’s Tweeted response.