State Wrapping Up Distributing Federal Funds

Kansas is including movie theaters among the businesses to receive aid as the state gets close to wrapping up its distribution of federal coronavirus relief funds.

Legislative leaders have signed off on a proposal from Governor Laura Kelly’s pandemic recovery office to allocate $38.5 million in federal relief funds.

The state received $1.25 billion, and must spend the dollars by the end of the year.

The proposal called for distributing $20 million for aid to businesses that have struggled because of restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic, and $18.5 million on public health.

The funds for businesses include $5 million specifically for movie theaters, to be distributed $10,000 per screen.

Another $5 million would be set aside for private colleges, and $4 million would go to restaurants and bars that haven’t been able to tap other relief funds.

Local health departments also would receive $5 million, and some of the money would be to help them handle the eventual distribution of a coronavirus vaccine.