Study: Employment Rate In Kansas Should Improve

Wichita State University’s Center for Economic Development and Business Research has released the latest update of their forecast for employment rates in Kansas.

Kansas’ average employment increase is projected to be 0.7 percent in 2021, adding almost 10,000 jobs.

This growth, plus the third and fourth quarter growth in 2020, would recover approximately half of the employment lost during the initial outbreak of the coronavirus.

A faster than expected national recovery could boost Kansas’ growth to a projected 1 percent, while a sluggish national recovery could reduce Kansas’ growth in half to 0.4 percent.

The leisure and hospitality sector is projected to grow 4.7 percent, the fastest growth of any single sector in Kansas, after declining by more than 13 percent in 2020.

The other service sector bright spot is expected to be the education and health services, which is expected to recover all but 2,000 of the 6,200 jobs it lost in 2020.