Study: Kansas Homes Affordable

One measure of home affordability is whether those who build homes can afford to buy one. In Kansas, the answer to that is “yes”.

The home services marketplace website conducted a study on whether construction workers could afford the homes they were building.

Using both median mortgage prices and median wages for construction workers by location, researchers at Porch identified the most and least affordable states for a construction worker to buy a home.

Kansas is among the most affordable states for construction workers in the nation.

Allocating 30% of income for a mortgage payment, a construction worker needs to work 30.3 hours per week to afford a home in the United States.

In the least affordable state, California, a construction worker making the median wage would need to work 58.1 hours per week in order to afford a median-price home in the state.

In Kansas, a construction worker needs to work only 21.2 hours per week to afford a home.