Study Lists “Most Fit” Cities in Kansas

Which cities in the state have the most fit residents?

Of course there’s a list for that.

The strength training website BarBend took a lot of factors into account, such as exercise opportunities, access to healthy food, air pollution, physical inactivity, drinking water violations, obesity, and smoking.

They put them all together for cities across Kansas, and came up with a list of the fittest cities.

Ulysses came in at number ten, Winfield nine, McPherson eight, Topeka is seventh, and Liberal sixth.

The top five are Garden City at five, Leawood fourth, Tecumseh third, Soldier second, and Newton takes the top spot.

On the other end of the scale, Palmyra came in at number 72, Eudora at 73, Manhattan is 74th, Lawrence 75th, and the study says that Madison in northern Greenwood county is 76th.