Suburban KC High School Changes Mascot

A Kansas City-area high school has announced its new mascot: the Bison.

The decision came after school officials moved earlier this year to drop culturally and racially insensitive mascots, including Shawnee Mission North High School’s Indians mascot, the Kansas City Star reported.

Students, administrators, and staff spent months deciding on a new mascot, putting the final decision to a vote.

School officials said it will be a while before the Bison decorates the high school’s halls, with the change requiring new signs, uniforms, and branding.

The school expects the new mascot to be fully implemented by next summer.

In January, the board of the Shawnee Mission district, which is the state’s third-largest with about 27,000 students, passed a measure requiring mascots to be culturally and racially sensitive and appropriate.

The board then decided that the mascots that used Native American imagery at Shawnee Mission North High School and three elementary schools violated the new policy, and needed to be replaced.