Survey: Kansans Driving Less

According to a recent AAA poll of Kansas drivers, 44% of them say they have changed their daily driving habits because of gas prices.

Although gas prices have dipped slightly in the past week or so, pump prices in general are the highest they have been in seven years, prompting some drivers to consolidate errands, carpool, or otherwise limit daily driving.

The national average has been above $3 a gallon since early May, mostly driven by the price of crude oil, which, until this past week, has been twice what it was last year.

Here in Kansas, the average price of gas has also been above the $3 benchmark since mid October.

While 44% of Kansas drivers say they have changed their driving behaviors because of pump prices, 29% say they do not foresee changing their driving habits because of gas prices – even if gas prices were to climb above $4.00 a gallon.