Survey says March Madness can help productivity if handled correctly

Are sports-related celebrations in the office a win for workers and employers?

“Seventy-two percent of managers actually utilize March Madness to improve employee morale,” said Amy Thomas, Metro Market Manager, Kansas City for Robert Half. “They actually find through doing that, they can be more productive during March Madness.”

It’s an if you can’t beat them, join them mentality.

“Some things they can do is allow their employees to wear their favorite team jerseys,” said Thomas. “Another thing they can do is actually pull different teams together. Make a bracket with different teams and actually increase productivity by having fun contests.”

Also, have designated times when employees can actually go and watch the games.

“While they are there at work, when they’re not in a timeout, they’re actually more productive throughout the day,”
Thomas said.

It’s important to begin such planning right away. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins March 19.