Survey says workers most productive early in the week

New research from Robert Half shows that people are most productive at the beginning of the week.

“It is Mondays and Tuesdays and primarily in the morning,” said Amy Thomas with Robert Half. “I think that Monday caught quite a few people by surprise. Tuesday has historically been touted as the most productive day of the week. In our survey, it actually was Monday.”

Many professionals said they accomplish more work at the start of the day.

“Early to mid-morning tend to be the most productive time of the day for most individuals,” said Thomas.

Where people would prefer to work is as much a function of age as anything else.

“Individuals between 18 and 34 years of age tend to like telecommuting and open office space better,” said Thomas. “Those that are 55 years and older tend to like private workspaces. It allows them to focus a little bit more and have fewer distractions.”

Coworkers who are too chatty and social topped the list of potential distractions in the day.