Symphony In The Flint Hills Saturday

In 2019, severe weather tore up the site.

In 20-20, of course, it was COVID-19 that took it down.

This Saturday, however, it looks like the annual Symphony in the Flint Hills will be heard near Council Grove.

This year’s event – which is sold out – is scheduled for Saturday, with a rain-date of Sunday.

The Kansas News Service reports that the Santa Fe Trail is the event’s theme this year, in honor of the trail’s 200th anniversary.

The trail connected Missouri to New Mexico in the 1800s, before the introduction of the railroad.

The trail ran through Council Grove, which is just a mile north of the event’s site in Morris County.

Throughout the afternoon, people can watch 30-minute presentations about the Santa Fe Trail, with topics ranging from star navigation to the culture of the Kaw Indians.

The Kansas City Symphony will end the evening with a sunset concert.