Kansas senior U.S. Senator, Pat Roberts made it official on Friday. This term will be his last.

“I will serve the remainder of this term as your Senator, fighting for Kansas in these troubled times,” Roberts said. “However, I will not be a candidate in 2020 for a fifth Senate term.”

One of the biggest accomplishments of this latest term was recently completed.

“I’ve always proudly been a champion for agriculture,” said Roberts. “Just a few weeks ago, we passed a new farm bill by a historic, bipartisan vote, bringing certainty and predictability to farmers, ranchers and growers. It was my eighth farm bill.”

Roberts is the only two time chairman of both the House and Senate Agriculture committee.

“For a boy who was born in Topeka, grew up in Holton and bled purple at K-State, I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity by the people of Kansas through 16 elections in the House representing the Big First and eight elections in the Senate,” said Roberts. “That’s 24 elections! I’m damn proud of that undefeated record, and it’s all thanks to a strong partnership in government with the good people of Kansas.”

Roberts doesn’t know who might succeed him in the U.S. Senate, but he says there are plenty of good candidates to choose from.