Three arrested in Wichita; suspects wounded after chase

Authorities say three people have been arrested after an hours-long Wichita-area manhunt that started when the driver of stolen vehicle tried to ram police at a McDonald’s drive-through, leading an officer to open fire.

The Wichita Eagle reports that Officer Paul Cruz says that after coming under fire Tuesday morning, the driver of the stolen Jeep rear-ended a car, causing minor injuries to the car’s driver. The Jeep’s driver then sped off before wrecking. A woman was taken into custody, but two men got away.

Cruz says one man then stole a sport utility vehicle from an elderly couple. Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter says that when he was arrested after a chase, he had a broken arm that possibly was from a gunshot wound.

The third suspect was taken into custody later. He had been shot in the leg.

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