Topeka is Home to a Top Ten Real Estate Zip Code

According to a national study, one city in Kansas is in the Top Ten list of Hottest Zip Codes when it comes to real estate.

An economics team at identified the ten hottest Zip codes in the country where demand is surging, and homes are selling quickly.

These places tend to offer cheaper homes, or less expensive prices per square foot.

“With prices growing faster than they were before the pandemic and people looking for more space, affordability has become even more important,” says’s chief economist, Danielle Hale.

Zip codes needed at least 13 listings per month to be included.

Only the top Zip code from each metro was included.

Coming in at number six in the country is Zip code 66614, which is in Topeka.

For both median list price in the Zip code and median list price within the city limits, Topeka was the least-expensive of any city in the Top Ten.