Topeka Lists Street Projects for 2022

Press release

The City of Topeka is kicking off another “Fix Our Streets” construction season, which will run from the first of March through November.

There are 13 reconstruction projects, and an additional 14 street rehabilitation, repair, or mill and overlay projects slated for the 2022 construction season.

Through the City’s various programs, crews will repair, replace or build new infrastructure, to include new sidewalks that didn’t exist before.

The following reconstruction projects are slated for 2022:

  • NW Tyler St. – NW Lyman Rd. to NW Beverly St.
  • NW Tyler – Lyman to US 24
  • SE California Ave. – SE 37th St. to SE 45th St.
  • SW 17th St. – I-470 Bridge to SW Wanamaker Rd. and SW Westport Dr. to SW Wanamaker Rd.
  • SW Gage Blvd. from SW Emland Dr. to SW 6th St.
  • SW 12th St. – SW Gage Blvd. to S Kansas Ave.
  • SE Quincy St. – SE 6th St. to SE 8th St.
  • SW 30th St./SW Hillcrest Rd./SW Twilight Dr./SW Eveningside Dr.
  • N Kansas Ave. – NW Morse St. to NE Soldier St.
  • SE 6th St. – Shunga Creek Bridge Deck
  • SE Carnahan Ave. – I‐70 to SE 21st St.
  • Private Drive – SW Knollwood Dr. to SW 28th St., and west of SW Washburn Ave.
  • SW Kent Pl. – street and cul-de-sac north of SW 10th Ave.

Funding for Fix Our Streets is primarily supported through the citywide half-cent sales tax.

For more information on projects scheduled for 2022, visit