Topeka Police offer tips for Stampede attendees

1.       Stay hydrated! A rule of thumb – for every beer you have, drink a full glass of water! You’ll thank us later.

2.       Lock It Remove It Or Lose It! Secure your belongings in your campsite. Please remember to never leave valuables in your vehicle. Theft is a crime of opportunity, so don’t give criminals the opportunity!

3.       Plan ahead. Have a sober driver or use a taxi or rideshare service. There will be increased DUI patrols and we want everyone to have a safe and fun event.

4.       Be weather aware. Have your our plan in place in the event of severe weather.

5.       Expect traffic heading in and out of Heartland Park. Leave early and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. Follow KDOT and 94.5 Country for traffic alerts.