Topeka Police Officer Attacked

A Topeka police officer who was responding to a call was was attacked by a man riding by the scene on a bicycle, authorities say.

Police say that the officer was called to remove unwanted people from a boarded-up home when a man not involved in that call went by on his bicycle.

The bicyclist tried to get the officer’s attention, but when he was told to wait, he attacked the officer.

The man charged the officer, knocked him to the ground, punched him several times, and tried unsuccessfully to get his gun from its holster.

A bystander intervened, and the man was arrested.

No one was seriously injured.

22-year-old Justin Reed was arrested and booked into the Shawnee County jail facing possible charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, interference with a law enforcement officer, robbery, and possession of marijuana.

The people inside the boarded-up residence also were taken into custody.