Topeka Rescue Mission has received $400,000 in donations so far after announcing budget short fall

After announcing last week that they were facing a financial short fall, the Topeka Rescue Mission has received an outpoor of donations.

According to a press release, as of August 13th, the Mission has received over $400,000 in donations with additional support in the works.

The Mission credits the support to donors and fundraisers “big and small.”  The press release states that even children have been stepping up to raise funds, by running lemonade stands, making bracelets and putting on a bake sale at the Farmer’s Market.

The Mission’s shelters are safe for now and will remain open until at least the end of September.

“It’s so heartwarming to see how much our community cares for our neighbors who have no place to call home”, says Executive Director Barry Feaker.

The Mission is still in need of more money, however. The next step into keeping the shelters and services open is to raise enough funds to operate through November of 2019. The press release states that the remaining amount needed to achive that is $760,000.

The Mission will be launching two campaigns to help keep it’s services open. The first is a sustainability campaign called “Threedom for the Homeless” that will be announced at the end of August, and the annual Christmas campaign that will be announced at a later date.

To donate towards the Topeka Rescue Mission, you can text “TRMgive” to 77977, or visit