Topekan Gets Uber to Change Policies

A civil rights group warned Uber Eats that its app profiles place transgender drivers at risk of harassment and violence, prompting the company to apologize to a Kansas man.

The move came after American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas released a letter it had sent to the food delivery service on behalf of Laine Repic, a 41-year-old transgender man in Topeka.

The ACLU of Kansas contended that Uber Eats has forced Repic to have his app profile display his legal name, which he no longer uses and doesn’t match his male gender presentation, effectively outing him as transgender.

It noted that Repic has experienced harassment and ridicule as a result, and has made him fearful for his safety.

In an emailed statement to The Associated Press, Uber apologized to Repic for the difficulties he faced as he tried to make changes to his profile within the app, which it said have now been resolved.