The midwest economy is slow due to factors far from home, according to a Creighton University professor.

“It’s all about trade, trade and uncertainty,” said Ernie Goss. “It’s about the lack of a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. The USMCA is in Congress right now. Congress needs to pass that.”

Goss actually thinks the impeachment inquiry could help in fixing the trade issue.

“No politician in Congress wants to be labeled as dragging their feet right now, because of the impeachment proceedings,” said Goss. “We may get that passed.”

Goss is not nearly as positive on the U.S.-China trade front.

“I’m not arguing against some of what the President’s doing, in terms of trying to get China to play fair,” said Goss. “Right now, both parties are getting bloodied, like two prizefighters in a ring. Neither
one of us are winning. We’ll wait and see who yells uncle first.”

The U.S. and China are headed back to the negotiating table next week in Washington.