Two Election Reform Bills Vetoed By Governor

Governor Laura Kelly has vetoed two Republican-backed election bills, including one that would have limited most individuals to delivering 10 ballots during each election, and another that would have barred the governor, secretary of state, or the courts from changing election rules.

When Republicans passed the bills, they had the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto in the Senate, but were four votes short in the House on the ballot-collection bill.

The election rules bill also reached large enough margins for override attempts to succeed in the Senate, but was one vote shy in the House.

The ballot-collection legislation would have made it harder for groups or people not related to voters to deliver their absentee ballots to election officials.

It would have also required candidates to deliver ballots only from immediate family members.

Republican lawmakers said they were protecting the integrity of the state’s elections by making it less likely that ballots will go missing or get altered.