Two Kansas Women Arrested For January 6th DC Actions

Two Kansas women arrested in the January 6th event at the U.S. Capitol told the FBI they expected to participate in a peaceful protest supporting former President Donald Trump that day.

Court records show that Jennifer Ruth Parks and Esther Schwemmer were both arrested.

An affidavit filed in Parks’ case describes how the two women entered the U.S. Capitol after protesters broke into the building and remained inside for 30 minutes to an hour.

The FBI received a tip on January 11th that Parks had participated in the insurrection.

After interviewing the women, investigators used a photo one of the women provided to track down additional images of them inside the Capitol from security footage and police body cameras.

“Schwemmer claimed that she and Parks walked to the front of the Capitol Building, encountered no barricades, and no police officer told them to stop,” the FBI wrote.

“Schwemmer saw the open doors to the U.S. Capitol Building and entered with Parks.”