Two Overland Park Police Officers Sue Department

Two female police officers allege in a lawsuit that the Overland Park police department discriminated against them when it repeatedly passed over them for promotions in favor of younger, less experienced men.

The Kansas City Star reports that Captain Kathleen Morgan and Sargeant Tirsa Otero filed the lawsuit alleging discrimination based on race, age, and gender.

Morgan, 57, has served in the department for 25 years, and Otero, 52, for 19 years.

The lawsuit contends that Morgan has applied multiple times for the rank of police major, but has not been offered the position despite meeting qualifications.

She was told the police department “want(s) someone who’s going to be here for a while,” which she contends constitutes age discrimination.

Otero, who is of Puerto Rican descent, alleged she has applied for promotion to captain multiple times, but the positions were filled with younger, less qualified white men.