U.S. Department of Justice Says Scammers Using Their Name

Individuals claiming to represent the U.S. Department of Justice are calling members of the public as part of an impostor scam.

The Office of Justice Programs’ Office for Victims of Crime has received multiple reports that individuals claiming to represent the Department of Justice are calling members of the public.

It appears the scammers are trying to target the elderly.

The scammers falsely represent themselves as Department of Justice investigators or employees, and attempt to obtain personal information from the call recipient, or they leave a voicemail with a return phone number.

The return phone number directs users to a recorded menu that matches the recorded menu for the department’s main phone number.

Eventually, the user reaches an “operator” who steers the user to someone claiming to be an investigator.

That “investigator” then attempts to gain the user’s personal information.

U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister urges people to not provide personal information over the telephone – even if the caller claims to be from the Department of Justice.