Unemployment Debit Cards Changing

Kansas claimants who are currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits from the Kansas Department of Labor on the Bank of America MasterCard will receive a new debit card, due to a change in service providers.

If claimants have read and accepted the disclosure on their getkansasbenefits.gov account, they will receive the new U.S. Bank card through the mail

If the claimant doesn’t read and accept the disclosure, or verify that KDOL has a valid address on file, it may delay getting the new card by July 20.

Visit getkansasbenefits.gov account to make sure everything is completed.

Benefits issued on or after July 20 will be loaded onto the new U.S. Bank debit card.

The Bank of America debit card will remain active until the end of October.

Recipients receiving benefits via direct deposit to a personal bank account are not affected by this change.