Unemployment Debit Cards Changing

Kansans who are currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits on the Bank of America MasterCard will receive a new debit card soon, due to a change in service providers.

Recipients will have a choice to change payment method to direct deposit or they will receive a new U.S. Bank card by July 20th.

Recipients currently receiving benefits via direct deposit to a personal bank account are not affected by this change.

Claimants who do not select direct deposit by June 25th will receive the U.S. Bank card in the mail.

Between June 25th and July 20th, claimants will continue to receive payments on the Bank of America debit card.

Any remaining funds on the Bank of America debit card will not be transferable to the new U.S. Bank card.

The U.S. Bank card may be used to make purchases, get cash and pay bills anywhere Visa is accepted.