Universities Start Setting Commencement Plans

With COVID -19 cases falling across the state, presidents of state universities and colleges told the Kansas Board of Regents that operations are slowly returning to something closer to normal.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that interim Wichita State president Richard Muma (MYOO-mah) said that the university was anticipating a full reopening of their campuses this fall.

He cautioned that they weren’t completely out of the woods, and will continue to exercise caution to protect the health and safety of the campus community.

Most of the universities now plan on attempting to hold at least some in-person commencement ceremonies in May, while maintaining virtual access to those celebrations.

That will be accomplished by moving graduations to outdoor stadiums, such as at Kansas State University, said president Richard Myers.

Chancellor Doug Girod said the University of Kansas is hosting two rounds of commencement ceremonies – a regular one, and another for students who missed out on last year’s ceremonies.

He said in speaking with one Lawrence hotel manager, that demand for hotel rooms for the make-up commencement ceremonies is far outpacing demand for the normal commencement.