Unmarked Police Cars May Be Gone

Are unmarked police cars soon to be a thing of the past? There’s a push to make that happen.

A commission Governor Laura Kelly established to examine policing and other racial justice issues plans to recommend that Kansas law enforcement agencies no longer use unmarked police vehicles during traffic stops – unless police believe they are needed to avoid endangering officers or public safety.

The Commission on Racial Equity and Justice approved a recommendation for law enforcement vehicles to be “uniformly labelled and clearly identifiable by members of the public.”

The recommendation, approved on a 13-1 vote, was among the last that the commission approved to appear in a report it plans to present to the governor by December 1st.

However, it faced opposition from the police chief of Kansas’ largest city, who also sits on the commission.

“We need unmarked cars to perform traffic enforcement,” said Commissioner Gordon Ramsay, Wichita police chief.