Utilities department asking people to only flush toilet paper down toilet


The City of Topeka Utilities Department routinely responds to sanitary sewer overflows, but wants to help residents in preventing them. The department is asking residents to be cautious of what they flush down their sewer systems as they have seen a rise in the marketing of “flushable” products in response to toilet paper shortages. Products like sanitary wipes, facial tissue and paper towels, do not dissolve in the sewer system and combine with fats, oils, and grease which can lead to blockages in sewer pipes. 

The only product recommended by the Utilities Department to be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper. If you are unable to buy toilet paper during this time and must use an alternative sanitary product, please throw it in the trash when you are finished. 

Blockages in the sanitary sewer system cause damage to the infrastructure, may cause sewer overflows which harm the environment, and lead to expensive repairs for the City. These products may cause blockages and service related problems in private sewer lines which may require expensive repairs for property owners.