Utility Scams on the Rise

Scammers are out to separate you from your money, your vital information, or both. One method that is on the upswing has to do with keeping you cool this summer.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt says that scams involving utility bills are increasing.

Utility companies across the state have reported a jump in customer calls letting them know that imposters are active.

Scammers are calling residents threatening to shut off services, often within days or mere hours, if they do not receive payment.

The scammer insists that they must receive payment and have access to your financial information to keep the lights on or the air conditioner running.

In some cases, the scammer says that a check has bounced, and asks that the customer purchase a pre-paid credit card to make a payment.

Remember – if you have questions about your bill payments, call the company directly at the phone number printed on your bill.