Valentine’s Day Scams

Valentine’s Day is coming up Monday, and with it comes hearts, flowers, candy…and scammers.

The Better Business Bureau says that the National Retail Federation predicts that consumer spending on Valentine’s Day will reach nearly 24 billion dollars.

With that much money being spent, scammers are sure to follow.

The BBB warns consumers to watch out for fake websites.

From fake jewelry sellers to online dating sites, scammers can easily lift official photos, sale promotions, and logos directly from the website of a popular brand.

Romance scammers often target people who have experienced a recent breakup or other hardship.

There are also reports of shoppers who thought they were ordering flowers from an online florist, but either got nothing at all, or disappointing flowers.

Be sure to check all websites to make sure they’re legitimate – or consider purchasing your Valentine gift at a local merchant, either in person or on their website.