Vandalism to Pretty Prairie High School’s band room results in up to $75,000 worth of damage

Four students have been suspended after a high school band room was doused with paint and instruments broken in a vandalism spree that resulted in up to $75,000 worth of damage.

Reno County Sheriff’s Captain Steve Lutz said in a news release that Pretty Prairie High School’s principal discovered the vandalism Saturday while giving a tour of the school to upcoming freshmen.

Lutz says paint was thrown across the floor, walls and over equipment.  Lutz says most, if not all, the drums had holes punched in them.  A fire extinguisher also was used to damage a van.

The Hutchinson News reports that Superintendent Randy Hendrickson says the vandals were caught on security camera.

The investigation is ongoing, and no one was immediately arrested.  A pawn shop is loaning the school some instruments.

Photo courtesy of Reno County Sheriff’s Office

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