Veto Override “Deal” Goes By The Wayside

A Republican physician-lawmaker said he and the state Senate’s top leader had a “mutual agreement” to secure his and another crucial yes vote for a congressional redistricting map.

Before they delivered those votes, a bill pushed by the doctor-legislator to promote unconventional COVID treatments and anti-vaccine regulations cleared committee.

The redistricting bill passed…and then changes were made.

Senate President Ty Masterson quickly returned Senator Mark Steffen’s COVID measure to the health committee, and stripped Steffen and two conservative colleagues of committee assignments.

Masterson said he didn’t cut a deal with Steffen.

As for disciplining senators, Masterson said to promote unity among Republicans, “these changes were necessary,” without elaborating.

Steffen declined comment, but posted on Facebook, “I will stay the course.”

It’s not clear that Masterson means for Steffen’s bill to be a casualty.

The Senate health committee expects to take it up again.