Philling In with Phil

Ballet Dancer – News reporter Phil Morris joined a ballet class of 6-year-olds and learned a routine from The Nutcracker in this episode of “Philling In with Phil.”

Special thanks to Kansas Ballet!!!!

Private Detective – Phil becomes a private detective and follows his mom around without her knowing.


Hockey Player – Phil joins the Topeka Pilots for a day and learns what it takes to be a hockey player.  Also, this is the first time he’s ever been ice skating.


Zookeeper – Phil becomes a zookeeper at the world-famous Topeka Zoo.  Lots of hippo poop in this one, so be prepared.



Survivalist School – Phil visited a nearby outdoor adventure school, Blackthorn USA, to learn some survival skills.


Gage Park mini-train – Phil gives an inside look at what it’s like to engineer the historic Gage Park mini-train.


Lunch Lady – Phil goes back to elementary school to become a lunch lady.


Parade Clown – Phil participates in the St. Paddy’s day parade by becoming a clown.


Harlem Globetrotters – The Globetrotters visited Topeka and invited Phil to be on the team in this episode.


Barbershop Quartet – Phil tags along with a local barbershop quartet for Valentine’s Day in this episode.


Santa’s Elf – Phil tags along as one of Santa’s elves in this Christmas edition of Philling In with Phil.


Washburn Ichabod – In the debut episode of Philling In with Phil, Phil becomes the Washburn University mascot for a day.