Visit Topeka announces “Travel Together” Program

Visit Topeka announced their partnership with Explore Lawrence on Travel Together, a program that will offer either city’s residents special discounts to restaurants, breweries, attractions, hotels, and other businesses. The purpose of the Travel Together program is to support economic recovery through regional tourism while also promoting either city’s premier attractions, signature restaurants, and other special offerings. Lawrence and Riley County residents will receive discounts during their visit to Topeka the weekend of July 25-26; whereas, Topeka and Shawnee County residents will receive discounts in Lawrence August 7-8.

“Travel Topeka is an excellent opportunity for both Topeka and Lawrence to work together to encourage economic recovery for both communities,” said Visit Topeka Vice President Jessica Schenkel. “Visit Topeka is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Explore Lawrence to promote travel between the two cities. We are also excited to introduce our neighbors to the east to some of our favorite area restaurants, breweries, hotels, and attractions through this incredible discount program.”

“As many of us gradually return to travel, it’s important to know that excellent options might not be as far away as you think,” continued Schenkel. “Topeka welcomes Lawrence and Riley County residents to experience the Capital City. From star attractions like the Evel Knievel Museum or the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center to excellent dining and drink options like the Break Bank and Happy Basset Brewing Co., capped off with a relaxing stay at either Cyrus Hotel or the Hyett Place Hotel, exciting travel opportunities await in Topeka.”

“Building bridges between neighboring communities is key to enforcing new confidence in travel as well as consumer spending,” said Bob Ross, senior vice president of Marketing and Communication, Greater Topeka Partnership. “With Travel Topeka, we not only hope to encourage travel between the two cities but also inspire regional spending that goes back into the local economy.

“Regional partnerships are going to be key to economic recovery, especially in the tourism and hospitality industries. Travel Together allows people to explore options they might not have known were available to them in their neighboring city, with deals on all the necessities – food, stay, play, and more,” said Michael Davidson, executive director of Explore Lawrence. “Explore Lawrence is happy to partner with Visit Topeka to encourage safe travel and provide thrilling new experiences for residents of both Riley and Shawnee County. “

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