Wagle to continue as Senate president while running for U.S. Senate seat

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle will continue to serve in that capacity as she runs for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated in 2020 by Pat Roberts.

“In the U.S. Senate is where Kansas is on equal ground,” said Wagle. “We have two Senators for each state. We need someone who can hit the ground running, who is a proven, conservative leader, who can walk in the door and has a commanding presence immediately to advocate for our needs.”

Roberts has been an advocate for agriculture, chairing both the House and Senate Ag committees during his time in service in those chambers. Wagle knows those are big shoes to fill.

“I’m in communication with farmers and ranchers here and I’ve discussed this race with them,” said Wagle. “They’re willing to work with me.”

One area where legislation got through in the Kansas Senate was a health plan for farmers through the Kansas Farm Bureau that bypassed Affordable Care Act regulations.

“Our farmers have very unique needs,” said Wagle. “They need workers. They need to be able to survive out there in a rural community that’s a small community. I’m working with farmers to determine their needs and certainly, they need a voice in Washington.”

Wagle says she is disappointed in some of the lack of action she’s currently seeing in the U.S. Senate.

“The fact that our U.S. Senate hasn’t debated health care, they haven’t debated immigration, that’s a real problem,” Wagle said. “We need to solve some issues for America and start debating in Congress.”

The biggest issue Wagle didn’t allow for debate in the Kansas Senate last session was Medicaid expansion. She says interim committees are working on a solution. She says the bill that was not debated would have caused a tax increase. She says anything that would pass her chamber next year would be a very restrained bill that won’t cost Kansas taxpayers more money.