Want to Continue Remote Office Work? You’re Not Alone

As the economy slowly re-opens, many workers in public-facing jobs – like shops, bars, and restaurants – have already gone back to their workplace.

Office workers could soon be asked to do the same.

What do they think about that?

The Dolman Law Group conducted a survey of over 56-hundred workers, and found that 64% of Kansas employees believe that returning to the workplace should be optional.

Many employees remain nervous about their health, and in particular if their fellow colleagues follow safety protocols properly and if their employers provide a safe working environment.

The survey revealed that 72% of employees would report a colleague for not following COVID-19 health protocols.

34% of employees believe the mental health benefits of returning to the workplace with colleagues outweigh the risks of contracting the coronavirus.

A separate study found that 52% of employees reported working longer hours when working from home as compared to those working in an office.