Watkins sees difficult road ahead, but advocating for conservative principles in Congress

In his first 100 days in office, Kansas Second District Congressman Steve Watkins has seen a few issues come to the top of his conversations with Kansans.

“I think the top three issues are jobs and the economy, health care costs, typically and securing the border,” said Watkins Tuesday. “People agree that we need the HR to produce and to manufacture, but we’re a build the wall folk who love immigration. We just want it to be legal.”

Health care is going to be a challenge, because the Republicans no longer hold a House majority.

“We should have repealed and replaced Obamacare when we had the chance,” said Watkins. “We’ll still continue to try. We need a system that rests on a platform of capitalism, characterized by competition and transparency. That’s how you lower prices.”

Even though it would seem to be a bipartisan issue to lower prescription drug prices, Watkins believes the Democratic
caucus in general wants to see a bigger government solution for the issue.

“I’m a capitalist to the core,” said Watkins. “It’s helped lift a billion people out of poverty and decrease prices. What we’re up against in Congress is a cohort of liberals who truly are advancing socialism. It’s hard to believe, but we’ve got members of Congress particularly in the freshman class, my classmates who think socialism is the way forward.”

Though Watkins acknowledges legislative victories may be hard to come by with Republicans in the minority, he’s still fighting for Kansas and serving his constituents through his offices in Topeka and Pittsburg. For more information on his latest activities go to watkins.house.gov.