Watkins talks border measures Tuesday

Congressman Steve Watkins is frustrated by some of the reporting he has seen about conditions at our southern border.

“Last month, we saw over 140,000 migrants apprehended at the Mexico southern border,” said Watkins. “Border officials say the actual numbers are somewhere in the neighborhood of three times that. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 420,000 to 425,000 migrants are passing the border each month. That’s unsustainable.”

In addition to work from Congress, it has to be a multinational effort to stop the flow of migrants.

“Mexico, because of President Trump, they’ve agreed to deploy 15,000 troops along their northern and southern borders,” said Watkins. “We’re trying to pass comprehensive reform to stop this disaster.”

That reform is gummed up in partisan disagreements, but there has been progress on the issue, as a $4.6 billion supplemental bill was passed recently.

“It passed with an overwhelming majority in the Senate,” said Watkins. Eighty-four to eight, I believe. We passed it in the House and it’s going to provide a lot for the Department of Justice. Funding for U.S. Marshal services. Thirty new immigration judges, $220 million for DOJ, $145 million for the Department of Defense. That’s going to support active duty and our National Guard missions along the border.”

Watkins said Tuesday that when it comes to the border, the Mexican government is helping more than the Democrats.