Waymaster still concerned about budget, KDOT, in spite of new estimates

Kansas House Appropriations Committee Chair Republican Troy Waymaster is still concerned about the state’s budget, even though the state looks like it has more funding than originally thought.

“I’ve said this before, it was a lot easier being the Appropriations chairman when we didn’t have money, as opposed to now, where the Consensus Revenue Estimate group came back and said that, over the next two years, we’re going to have $525 million projected revenues,” said Waymaster.

Waymaster said the state needs to look at what he calls creative accounting.

“We ended 2019 with a surplus of $1.1 billion,” said Waymaster. “That also accounts for the transfer that did not go from the State General Fund to the Department of Transportation. That has been a mishandling of funds, in my opinion.”

Waymaster believes KDOT needs the money.

“We have, right now, 21 delayed projects, that have not been able to be fulfilled, because we were holding back that transfer to balance the budget,” said Waymaster. “We need to wean our self off of
that transfer and make sure that the next transportation plan is going to be funded and implemented.”

If that happens, Waymaster hopes to be in Washington for a lot of it, as he’s running for Congress in the Big First.