Weekend Disturbance at Ellsworth Correctional Facility involves over 100 inmates

Inmates at a state prison in central Kansas threw trash from their cells and damaged security cameras during a weekend disturbance that was the second outbreak of prison unrest in less than a week.

The state Department of Corrections reported Tuesday that between 125 and 150 inmates were involved in the incident Sunday at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility. The disturbance lasted less than two hours and resulted in no staff or inmate injuries but prompted the lockdown of a building that houses 512 medium-security prisoners.

The disturbance came only three days after inmates in one cell house at the Lansing Correctional Facility outside the Kansas City area rampaged through offices, destroying windows and setting small fires for several hours.

The department has said about 50 inmates appeared to be involved at first in the Lansing disturbance, with between 20 or 30 participating through Thursday evening. No staff or inmates were injured.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Witte said the Department of Corrections has not yet identified the cause of either disturbance.