Weir says Congress needs members who ‘lead differently’

Sara Hart Weir believes there is a leadership need in Congress, and that’s why she’s running in the Third District in Kansas.

“I feel strongly that we need more CEOs in Washington,” said Weir, who left a position as CEO of the National Down Syndrome Society to run. “We actually need leaders who are willing to lead differently, who are willing to put people over politics. We actually need representatives in Congress that will actually get things done.”

Health care is Weir’s core issue.

“I have represented people born with pre-existing conditions my entire adult life,” said Weir. “I have seen the closest thing that we have to socialized medicine in this country fail them at every single turn.”

Weir also commented on the gun violence that has taken place over the last few days, including the death of a woman from Kansas in an incident in Kansas City, Missouri.

“Through family friends, we have a relationship with the victim here in Kansas City,” said Weir. “These are just horrible tragedies. Of course, my deep prayers and thoughts go out to the families, to the victims and, of course, the first responders all across the country. This is one of the reasons I want to run for Congress. We have to get to Washington to lead on these issues. They require complex solutions to address them.”

Weir did not specifically comment on policy changes she would seek in that area Monday.