WIBW Radio/KAN Podcast: Aaron Popelka with the Kansas Livestock Associaton and Ryan Flickner with Kansas Farm Bureau

Aaron Popelka, Vice-President of Legal and Government Affairs with the Kansas Livestock Association and Ryan Flickner, Senior Director of Advocacy with Kansas Farm Bureau joined us on Tuesday’s Ag Issues program. As the 2021 Kansas Legislative session gets underway, both Flickner and Popelka talked about the priorities are of the legislators as they look to pass through unfinished business from last year’s session and what needs to be done in the early part of the 2021 legislative session. Popelka aslo commented on the status on a couple of bills they’re working on including the Transparency in Fake Meat Labeling bill and another to help feedyards better utilize their water rights.  Flickner commented on Kansas Farm Bureau’s priorities including broadband, tax and water issues.