WIBW Radio/KAN Podcast: Discussion on Plant Based Diets and Cell Cultured Meat at Agvocacy Forum

Day 1 of the Bayer Crop Science Agvocacy Forum had a wide range of topics that were discussed. Some of the topics included trade, consumer preferences, technology, gene editing and innovation. One of the bigger discussions focused on The Future of Food: Cross-Industry Insights on Plant-Based Diets and Cellular Agriculture. On the panel and the comments you will hear, are from Dr. Lisa Lundy, Associate Professor at the University of Florida, Kevin Kester, Immediate Past-President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Dr. John Reich, Scientific Program Director, with Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, also known as FFAR and Andrew Noyes, Head of Communications with a company called JUST, who’s focused on developing different types of plant based foods, but now works on the development of cell-cultured meat.