WIBW Radio/KAN Podcast: K-State Extension Ag Economist Dan O’Brien

Dan O’Brien, K-State Extension Agricultural Economist, joined us on Monday’s Ag Issues program. The discussion focused on the grain markets and the effects we’ve seen from the coronavirus pandemic as well as other factors that have led to the volatility in the market. O’Brien does have concerns about the below freezing temperatures into Kansas and the potential for damage to the state’s wheat crop. He also looked at the demand for wheat and how much of a factor it’s playing into how the wheat markets has fared the past few weeks. He also looked at the factors affecting the corn market and where the market may be headed. He also looked at the soybean market and how the South American soybean production may be a factor as to the direction of the U.S. soybean market. O’Brien also looked at other factors in the livestock market that will also have influence on the grain markets. He also commented on the recent USDA reports and looking ahead to important reports in May that will have important numbers to note for the direction of the markets.