WIBW Radio/KAN Podcast: Reno County Farmer Jim French

Greg’s guest on Monday’s Ag Issues program was Reno County farmer Jim French. He discussed going from the bitterly cold temperatures that the state went through in February to now seeing 80 degree temperatures a little over a month later. French talked about how that’s affected livestock during calving season and the impacts many are still seeing a little over a month later. He also updated the condition of the winter wheat crop in Reno county. French also discussed a new initiative in the Cheney Lake Watershed. There is a new EQIP option for farmers in the watershed that focuses on soil health, livestock and crop ground. He talked about what makes this initiative unique and why the incorporation of livestock and grazing on crop ground be beneficial to soils. He also talked about why the initiative is initally taking place in the Cheney Watershed and where producers can get more information about applying.