Wichita Bars Ignoring Curfew

Several Wichita bars and nightclubs have been ignoring the city’s 11 p.m. coronavirus curfew, with one owner saying he has to do it for his business to survive.

City and county officials say the venues that have been flouting the curfew put in place by Sedgwick County health officials could lose their liquor licenses, and expose themselves to lawsuits if their patrons or employees get sick.

The owner of the Blu Night Club in western Wichita said staying open late is important to his business’ economic survival.

County Manager Tom Stolz said businesses that ignore the curfew could lose the legal immunity from coronavirus lawsuits that state lawmakers granted them earlier this year.

The county could apply for a court order forcing businesses to comply with the curfew, though officials have taken a lax approach to enforcing it so far.

To date, city and county officials have not issued any citations related to the curfew or a city mask requirement.