The personal finance website Wallethub released its 2019’s Cities with the Best & Worst Public Transportation survey Tuesday.

“Wichita ranked 29th overall,” said analyst Jill Gonzalez. “We did look at 100 cities here in terms of their public transportation. That’s in the top third, definitely something to be proud of. It did particularly well when it comes to its safety and reliability of public transportation.”

Wichita was 7th in that ranking.

“We looked at three things there,” said Gonzalez. “We looked at the public transit safety and security events per miles traveled. That would be things like collisions, derailment, fires, security. Those number of events were relatively low. We also looked at injuries and fatalities per passenger miles traveled.”

An area of weakness for Wichita was accessibility and convenience. It was 66th.

“More commuters need to be using the public transit system,” said Gonzalez. “We know that it’s safe and reliable, now we need to get more people on board here to make it more of a public transportation city. Right now, the average commute time for transit users is a little bit long.”

According to the American Public Transportation Association every $1 invested in public transportation generates $4 in economic returns.