A Wichita lawyer who stole more than $900,000 from an elderly client with dementia was sentenced to probation.

Larry Toomey was given two years of probation, with an underlying sentence of 26 months, on Friday.  He pleaded guilty in April to felony theft.

The Wichita Eagle reports Toomey’s attorney, Steven Mank, told the court Toomey was entitled to the money because of a gift memo drafted by the 104-year-old client.

Prosecutors say Toomey spent nearly $962,000 from the woman’s bank accounts, including for a gambling addiction.

Under his sentence, Toomey was ordered to be evaluated for a gambling addiction and follow the recommended treatment.

Prosecutors alleged Toomey stole from the women for seven years, while she was living in a Wichita nursing home.

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